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Whitebridge Quarter Horse and Paint Stud


There are some generally accepted principles of horse trailering.
Surprisingly most of them are ignored by many trailer builders.


The bigger the horse the higher its center of gravity.


Only BRENDERUP REAL® TRAILERS accommodate this by lowering the trailer's center of gravity thereby improving the trailer's roadworthiness.


The bigger the horses the more likely any loaded two-horse trailer will outweigh the towing vehicle. Therefore the trailer needs to be braked earlier and for longer than the lighter towing vehicle.


Only BRENDERUP REAL® TRAILERS employs INERTIA® 4-wheel brakes designed to operate as the driver comes off the accelerator pedal and before getting to the brake pedal. Under ALL circumstances whenever the trailer tries to push on the tow vehicle the trailer brakes are being applied in direct proportion to the weight of the trailer at the time and the rate of deceleration. The INERTIA® brake system also has an independent parking brake, emergency breakaway and antilock characteristics.


The majority of horsemen are in fact women.


Only BRENDERUP REAL® TRAILERS builds all of its two-horse trailers for simple "one person" handling. Hitching/unhitching-loading/unloading-driving, you can really handle this trailer by yourself.


Noise, vibration, rattling inside a trailer causes undue stress on the horses thereby increasing their fatigue level.


Only BRENDERUP REAL® TRAILERS eliminates All Noise, Vibration, Rattles, Heat Build-up and Sway.


Build a trailer with a heavy tongue, inefficient brakes and no functional aerodynamics.  A full-sized truck becomes essential towing equipment.


Only BRENDERUP REAL® TRAILERS specifically designs all of its trailers to be safely towed and stopped by regular vehicles (within broadly defined parameters.)

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